Saturday, April 7, 2012

Layout is gone and blog will continue (All thanks to fans of The SD&AE)

The layout went to a fan of The SD&AE. His family will continue to up-date this blog, they are fans of the railroad. Couldn't be better.


  1. Hello,

    I am a family member of those who bought your layout. Thanks for making it, and all the hard work that you put into it. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

    P.S. I can't wait to see the layout in person and run my train set on it!

  2. I enjoy seeing your blog in these days, Chuck. Too bad you must move out of Fresno.

    How about that you observe the Alaska Railroad?


Across Carrizo Gorge

The Carizzo Gorge Railway (NOTE: Mission Impossible Theme for The Impossible Railroad)