Friday, October 21, 2011

First culprit is...

San Diego is our first victim to tackle on The SD&AE. A single track from the Santa Fe depot might be included to the yard at 12th street. Or we could begin with the terminus or the yard in San Diego and maybe a run around ahead of the yard. This line stopped and started here. It had it's AT&SF interchange at the North end of the yard near the underpass. The AT&SF yard was on the other side of Harbor Drive or the old 101 from the SD&AE.

There were several sidings (spurs) that crossed 101 to the peirs on the other side and The Westgate Tuna Company. Then on the right side or East side (looking North) was the lead to the El Cajon Branch, which ran down Imperial Ave. with trackwork in the street for a portion.

The tracks out of the yard pass large gas towers/tanks and tightly run on the East side of Highway 101 with a few industries from the yard to National City. The Santa Fe tracks were on the other side of 101 and served the other piers, ports and NASSCO: Shipbuilders. Using Google or Bing maps, you can get a better idea of the layout, even though the trolley and other incarnations of the SD&AE have replaced the lines, the layout hasn't changed.

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