Thursday, October 20, 2011

SD&AE Track Plans

I've been thinking if I won the lottery and could build this line, how would I do it? Or how would I build different versions of it from different plans. Before I get our friend David K. Smith busy on three versions on different points of the layout from Downtown San Diego to El Centro, what are the best choices to model.

San Diego Yard and Waterfront
Campo to Dos Cabezos with Goat Canyon
Plaster City to El Centro                      

I started thinking I could model on a hollow core door, El Centro to Plaster City and now I have switched to an A-B sided door. El Centro on one side and Dos Cabezos on the other. Maybe one idea is Plaster City to Dos Cabezos with great desert detail and rugged arid rock filled mountains.

The San Diego yard would be awesome from the yard to waterfront spurs and mainline to industries down Harbor Drive. We will be blogging about this over the next few weeks and hopefully get some input from our readers on their favorite parts of The Impossible Railroad.

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