Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally - We are getting there!

Here we go - Pandora is on...Some Memphis Blues and putting the HCD up....Built a frame with 1x3's and secured the frame to the door from below and above. Legs are from 2x3's and at 48" height, they need some support. Going with leg and frame supports. Want to get foam down tonight.

This ended up being real sturdy, had to account for the 4' legs. Fascia will cover up the steel gusset plates.

Good weekend to get a lot of building done. Weather is cold and foggy and plenty of football on. Loved the Seattle and New York up-sets. 
Foam is down and trimmed. I am having a problem taking the metrics from the track plan and adhering it to the foam in 1"=1' ratio. Turnouts must be #5 on the plan and I have #6's.

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