Thursday, January 6, 2011

The SW's rambled past J&W Redwood in El Cajon

A good friend of mine's dad owned J&W Redwood in El Cajon and The SD&AE's SW's with a few cars would rumble by on the way to the rest of the industries just up the street. Now J&W Lumber, it's still on Marshall in El Cajon just off I-8. All part of what local foamers referred to as The City of El Cajon, the back to back SW-8's chugging their way to El Cajon from Downtown.


  1. Hello! Just found you. I will be back. There is much I want to ask you. My next layout is going to be N scale under glass. Was thinking of this area and a 70's time frame.

    Have to go to work to support my habit, but will be back this weekend to read your entire blog. Twice.

  2. good to have you anything we can do let us know - Are you modeling the SD&AE?

  3. Hi Chuck.
    I am running D&RGW at the club house. Club is at

    Been a member about a year now. I am still searching for what I want to do at home. At a recent show, I was amazed at the amount of things you can get done in a small amount of space in N gauge. HHMMM. Since I would be starting from scratch with the HO, why not think about N?

    I grew up in SD and know a little SD&AE history, but not a lot. The background reading has started. My little mind is spinning. Negotiations with the Management (wife) have begun. Do you have a website or book you would recommend to start? I am looking to just improve my knowledge of the SD&AE, their area, their rolling stock. I see they move a lot of sand.

    Any direction would be great.

  4. Look to the right and click on the ORDER THE BOOK FROM AMAZON link - This is a book on The SD&AE and also Tom on Trainboard is a great help he has a 2x4 N scale layout (on top of my home page is is layout)that is great. Yeah I'm doing the hollow core door 36x80. Starting today with the foam and door.

  5. I started fresh in N a few years ago from HO.


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