Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coyote Wells, CA

This has been a fun part of the layout. Those of you who've been following the progress know I started with Plaster City on this side of the scenic divider. Figured out it would kill my zero based budget to build the large structures and industry to represent U.S. Gypsum. Then I thought Dos Cabezos. Problem there. The switches were in for Plaster City and I didn't want to tear them out. So I was caught by Coyote Wells, knowing there was a main, passing and hold there with a wye and an engine lead. I decided to model it with the engine lead appear as a spur off the El Centro side (I-8 overpass) to a crude diesel and water facility. The first pictures of it came out great. I have been improving the area this week. Needed to paint the roofs of the MOW and buildings roofs green. The walls were already yellow in accordance to SP colors.

I am elated the process of paint, sand, sandpaper, paint came out great.

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