Sunday, November 6, 2011

El Centro - Coyote Wells

Now I remember that was my original plan for my SD&AE HCD layout was to represent El Centro with part of the wye from The SD&AE into The SP, the depots, the small industrial area in El Centro and a backdrop representing what I could do from the track, the depot to the businesses in the back of the depot area.

This is the area modeled on the A side of the HCD layout. The redlines show the
LDE parameter. Modeling the depots is a challenge. They are both colonnade design, the SP and junior SD&AE depot next door. As of July 2011, they have both been torn down. UP was using the main SP depot as offices and shops. I will have to rely on Internet pictures and the few I was able to take in 2009.

This is now the B side of the HCD. I was going to do this originally, then thought I could model Plaster City and the massive U.S. Gypsum plant there. Too much month at the end of the money to do that. I shifted to Dos Cabezo which has a derelict water tower, SP style concrete phone booth and what was left of a rock loading siding. I shifted back to Coyote Wells which included two sidings a team track, engine and water leads. This was a service point for steam on the original railroad.

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