Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to railroading on The SD&AE

Christmas is over and here comes the new year. I started this layout the first week of Jan this year, so in one year, I have learned and developed a lot for a small hollow core door layout. Several plans have been altered, areas of the layout changed, track plans used and not used and different modeling techniques tried. I have hit a snag with the fascia and have run out of sand. If I was in Coyote Wells in real life, boy that wouldn't be a problem. I tried another color of craft paint and it's too light. Only in a small area. I need to find the right paint, Wal-Mart here is thinning their craft departments and I need to go on a hunt and find it.

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Across Carrizo Gorge

The Carizzo Gorge Railway (NOTE: Mission Impossible Theme for The Impossible Railroad)