Friday, December 16, 2011

We love the SD&AE

I will be working the day away and my mind will drift off to the days of yesteryear. The days I remember going to Harborside Elementary School in Chula Vista, CA on the mainline of the SD&AE. I was there in 1961-65. Use to watch those sugar beet trains, refers, hoppers from US Gypsum in Plaster City and more roll through. Boy they were loud, screaming SD's, EMD's and GP's all smokin' bloody noses.

I would walk to school through The Turkey Trail in Chula Vista, lined with fruit and produce shipping facilities. it was awesome. Non-stop trains too. You would have thought this was the real SP. I lost touch with the lines when my mom passed away in 1964 and my dad remarried and we moved to Clairemont Mesa, a northern suburb of San Diego. No more playing around the refers parked on the sidings, putting pennies on the track and just plain train watching.

Just a dream to the past....

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