Saturday, December 18, 2010

All Aboard- 1950 Schedule - Chicago to San Diego - The Imperial

San Diego Section
363Continuing Train Number (San Diego & Arizona Eastern)362
5 45PDp2135Calexico, CACAr12 35P
6 00PAr2144El Centro, CACDp12 22P
6 05PDpAr12 20P
F 6 18P2152Seeley, CAF12 05P
F 6 44P2169Coyote Wells, CAF11 39A
8 11P2200Jacumba, CA10 22A
9 16P2226Campo, CA9 26A
9 43P2239Tecate, B. Cfa.8 58A
10 51P2276Tijuana, B. Cfa.7 40A
10 56P2276San Ysidro, CA7 35A
11 30PAr2292San Diego, CA (PT)C RDp7 05A

See the entire schedule and more info at: The Imperial

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