Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going to be a big weekend....

Palms, poles and sand
Home Depot time for a 36"x80" Masonite hollow core door. Price looks around 24.00, whether I like it or not and then 1-2" of extruded foam board. The we begin the wonderment of the Impossible Railroad challenge to build this layout on-line and document the daily progress on the proceedings. I intend to take very little creative freedom with the LDE concept of the track plan. No additional freelance adjustments or fantasy industries and sidings.

No structures will be used that aren't part of LDE planning and what exists on the site now.
  1. Arid, desert scenery with stray palms and power poles.
  2. Representation of Plaster City will be on a backdrop. 
  3. Only prototype track plan will be used.
  4. El Centro interchange and yard highlighted. 
In the change from SD&AE to SP to UP, most of the lay of the land is intact. Will not model SD&AE depot next to SP depot is one change at this point. S curve spur will serve packing and loading ramp at the end of the siding.

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