Thursday, December 9, 2010

Talking with Tom on Trainboard

His scenery and 2x4 Jacumba section of The SD&AE is our logo picture. We have been talking about scenery. For areas like this, it's difficult because no matter how accomplished we are at scenery techniques, we have a tendency to over do it. With desert scenery, less is more. Tom says: "For scenery on your layout, you will want to use light green and yellow sparingly and lean more towards olive green, dead brown, and gray. If you can, go to the area and gather sand from coarse to a very fine grade (I used authentic Campo and Jacumba dirt on my layout). BTW New River Bridge is mostly a wooden trestle with a steel girder in the middle. It was entirely wooden until just recently. A present-day picture is here":

I have totes full of Woodland Scenics scenery material, instead of buying new bags of the product, I'm most likely going to paint what I use olive green, light green and dead brown and gray. Except in the areas where desert greenery thrives. I need to build this bridge and I know who I'm hittin' up:
n  scale model train hobby shop
JV Models N Scale Timber Trestle Bridge Kit
From Grand trunk wood trestle, this kit is designed to be your layout's focal point. Made from basswood and pine scale stripwood with templates, drawings, color photo and bridge ties. Up to 18" long and 16" high. Also includes N.B.W. castings.
Part # JV-1014
Oh and I have a can of sand from Coyote Wells.

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