Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanks Tom at Trainboard

Did somebody mention SD&AE?

Welcome to trainboard! If there's anything SD&AE that you need I either have it or can get it. Everything else is a click away for you at BTW your blog is great. If you're designing an SD&AE layout, may I suggest also focusing on helper operations from Coyote Wells to Hipass? (For most operating the steam era, anyway. Modern-day operations under Carrizo Gorge railway are mostly stopped, and the trains only run along the UP from Plaster City to El Centro, with Coyote Wells and Dos Cabezas used for Plaster City car storage.) That's going to be my plan for a future SD&AE layout I'll build some day, with Campo and Barrett also modeled if there's room. My current one is based on Jacumba Hot Springs. I couldn't fit Campo's 3-track yard into 8 square feet.

I'd also recommend modeling the steam era if you're willing to chop up some Bachmann 2-8-0's. I've built SD&AE 2-8-0 #104 and SP 4-6-0 #2353 in N scale. These are pretty straightforward kitbashes and you can see how I built them--plus digital kitbash drawings of other SD&AE & SP steamers-- if you follow this link:

Post any pictures or ideas that you have and we can boost the popularity of this great little short line! At some point I hope to create a trainboard group if enough people take an interest in the SD&AE.

If you want drawings of towns, track arrangements, etc., they are at or I can draw some up for you or design an accurate SD&AE layout for you.
San Diego & Arizona Eastern: The Impossible Railroad.
Recreating John D. Spreckels' folly in N scale.

Watching long PFE reefer drags can cause permanent brain damage: ange...or-CABOOSE!


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