Friday, December 10, 2010

When I was a kid....

I use to collect SP and ATSF timetables. I would just ask the yardmaster and they would hook a kid up. I once wondered into the (then) closed in 1970 ATSF depot in The Grand Canyon. I found all of these golden colored, small ATSF envelopes and paper. Wish I had some of the sheets of those today. I use to write the railroads and ask for calenders. I remember when I was a teenager and mad at my parents, I wrote the UP ask them if they had any jobs for a kid, so I could move out. I was 13 and they actually sent me a letter and application.

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  1. I wrote them too. Still got the stuff they sent me stored away. This occurred a few years before Amtrak happened. I didn't see a reason to collect any Amtrak stuff.


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